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Furry Lair

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Aletheia Felinea
In the order of importance.

Please, read.

I recommend reading this journal in its own settings. The entries' look (HTML and all) is written specifically for the journal's style, so if you prefer your own view, you risk oddly looking pictures and uncovered spoilers, though the risk is lesser if your view of choice has the entry background colour white.

As for my icons: 1. I use only my own ones; 2. I do not share them, sorry. Take and keep some if you like, but please, do not use them anywhere. They are very personal items for me.

However, I make also icons which I do share, and I don’t use them myself. You’ll find them under the free graphics! tag, along with wallpapers and stock images. As for the last ones, there are three general rules: 1. only non-commercial; 2. credit, please; 3. message, please, cause I'm always curious of the result. Have a nice use and good luck to your work!

Journal jest w większości angielskojęzyczny, ale to bardziej efekt noszący naukową nazwę "tak wyszło" niż jakaś szczególna preferencja. Chętnie witam komentarze po polsku, niezależnie od języka danej notki.



My deviantART
PotC fanarts, Sharpe fanarts, Urban Magic fanarts, SPN fanarts

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Fanfiction Masterlist on LJ (more than on AO3 and ff.net)

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Friending Policy, check out also if you were on the list and discovered you're not anymore.

If you are a fan of PotC or any of Age of Sail fandoms or history in general, you may be interested in my other journal the_hold, that is The Black Pearl’s Hold.


in the order of joining

Discworld (interested only in the canon and fanarts, though not evading possible discussion)
Good Omens (mostly as a lurker if not count this)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Sharpe, both films & books (not so much recently, but contributed a thing or two)
Kate Griffin's Urban Magic (craving for fellow fans and mourning the miserable size of the fandom which deserves better!)
Dresden Files, the books only
Marvel (only some pieces: hook, line and sinker - MCU Bucky Barnes; to some degree - MCU JARVIS, Fraction-Aja's Clint Barton, MCU Tony Stark, MCU Pepper Potts, MCU Scott Lang)



I'm a woman.
I'm not-English (yes, it's supposed to be an excuse for my language errors, sorry *blushes*).
Call me Aletheia, I add 'Felinea' only when the nick is taken. There is a quasi-etymological theory that my first name derives from the old Greek aletheia, what is traditionally translated as 'The Truth', but a-lethe-ia means literally 'un-forget-ness' or 'un-veil-ness'. The theory is most probably a rubbish, but what the heck, I like it, same as the word itself. And 'Felinea'? You see, I'm a catlike creature. No, not such in black latex or with plastic ears, I like my own ears, thank you very much. But I possess all the best and most delicious vices of a real cat. I sleep long; I don't feel lonely when I stay alone for hours; I feel fine in warmth; I fail in tries of fitting to a herd; I don't like clamorous people and racket in general. Also, I squee and melt at the sight of fluffy kittens, instead of human children, as a good girl is supposed to. I suppose some mistake must have occurred while I appeared on the world, and probably some cat somewhere feels oddly human sometimes...
(Added after a few years: Since Tumblr exists, I feel I should make it clear the above, especially the feline parts, is told with tongue in cheek. Apparently it's a risky thing to be humorous in the Very Serious Internet nowadays... *sigh*)
Apart from cats, I love reading well written things; playing with language; roaming with a photo camera; comparing cultures and getting a possibility to look at my own by other's eyes; watching astonishing visually and conceptually art including movies; giving vent to my pathological perfectionism and wasting time with a pencil or some graphic program and then pestering others with the result. Not necessarily all in this order.

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